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The S-K group, November 2008, at Ryan's wedding
Back: Friedhelm, Mukund, Hong, Dan S-K, Thierry, Dan B, Jennie, Tom, Sabrina, Enrico
Front: Ed, Zhao, Ryan, Kater, Toni

Current Group members

Position Experiment
Dan Stamper-Kurn PI All
Ryan Olf Grad Student E4
Sydney Schreppler Grad Student E3
Claire Thomas Grad Student E5
Thomas Barter Grad Student E5
Nicolas Spethmann Post-doc E3/E6
Fang Fang Grad Student E4
Jonathan Kohler Grad Student E3
Justin Gerber Grad Student E3/6
Tsz Him Leung Grad Student E5
Shun Wu Post-doc E4
Thomas A. Mittiga Grad Student E4
Victoria A. Xu Grad Student E6
Masayuki Okano Post-doc E5

Former Group members

Then Now
Severin Daiss Masters student, 2014-2015 traveling the world
Ed Marti Graduate Student Researcher 2007-2014 Post-doc, University of Colorado/JILA
Vincent Klinkhamer Visiting Student Researcher 2013 Returned to Germany - Heidelberg Ultracold Quantum Gases group
Andrew Macrae Post-doc E4
Gyu-boong Jo Post-doc 2010-2013 Assistant Professor at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dan Brooks Graduate Student Researcher 2006-2012 OSIsoft
Maryrose Barrios Undergraduate 2012-2013 Postbacc, Harvard, Gabrielse group
Thierry Botter Graduate Student Researcher 2007 - 2013 Post-doc, JPL
Nathan Brahms Post-doc 2009-2012 Software Engineer at Arrayent
Jennie Guzman Graduate Student Researcher 2006 - 2012 Post-doc, Sandia National Labs
Tom Purdy Graduate Student Researcher 2003 - 2010 Post-doc, University of Colorado
Andre Wenz Visiting Student Researcher 2009-2010 Returned to Germany
Anton Oettl Post-doc 2006 - 2010 Entrepreneur, qubig GmbH, Germany
Kater Murch Graduate Student and PostDoctoral Scholar 2004-2009 Postgraduate - Siddiqi Group, University of California, Berkeley
Guilherme Miranda Undergrad 2008-2009 Graduate Student - University of Maryland
Zhao-Yuan Ma Post-doc 2008-2009 Professor, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences; see
Enrico Vogt Researcher 2006-2009 Graduate Student - Cambridge University, United Kingdom
Sabrina Leslie Ph.D. 2003-2008 Assistant Professor at McGill University
Mukund Vengalattore Post-doc 2005-2008 Assistant Professor at Cornell University
Subhadeep Gupta Post-doc 2003-2007 Assistant Professor at University of Washington
Kevin Moore Ph.D. 2002-2007 Radiation oncology physics resident at the Center of Advanced Medicine
Lorraine Sadler Ph.D. 2001-2007 Post-doc at Sandia National Labs
James Higbie Ph.D. 2001-2006 Assistant Professor at Bucknell University
Andre Bach Grad Student 2006 Grad Student
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