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Welcome to the home of the Stamper-Kurn group

Our research is concentrated on creating novel macroscopic and mesoscopic quantum systems using ultra-cold atoms as a resource. We are currently pursuing two projects in this area. In one, a flexible and robust Bose-Einstein condensation apparatus is used to create a variety of novel, many-body quantum systems by applying various tools to control the internal and external structure or an ultra-cold atomic gas. In the second experiment, magnetically trapped and evaporatively cooled atoms are delivered to the confines of a high-finesse optical cavity where they are used as a reservoir for producing single or multiple trapped "active" atoms, which are used for studies in cavity quantum-electrodynamics.

Recent news: Doctor James Higbie successfully defends his thesis!

Research Highlights

Coherence-enhanced imaging
of a degenerate Bose gas

Spontaneous symmetry breaking
in a quenched ferromagnetic
spinor Bose condensate

Probing the quantum state
of a guided atom laser pulse

Real-time imaging
of a spinor BEC

Magnetic storage ring
for ultracold atoms

Betatron resonances in an
ultracold-atom storage ring

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