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January 2016 MURI Review Meeting


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January 2016 MURI Review Meeting

The review meeting for AFOSR MURI program on "New Quantum Phases of Matter" and the ARO MURI program on "Fundamental Issues in Non-Equilibrium Dynamics" will be held at the University of California, Berkeley, January 12 - 13, 2016.


The purpose of this meeting is to share information and stimulate new work, both experimental and theoretical, using ultracold atoms and other quantum matter as a quantum simulation platform for the investigation of many-body quantum physics. Attendees will include program managers, funded investigators, postdoctoral scholars, graduate students, undergraduate students, and others. We invite participation from interested parties, such as researchers working in related fields of physics, chemistry, mathematics, computer science, and elsewhere.

Meeting schedule

The meeting will include presentations by the two MURI research teams, two sessions of invited talks by outside speakers, a poster session on Tuesday afternoon, and lab tours on Wednesday afternoon.

All events will be held in Leconte Hall and Stanley Hall

If you will still be around on Thursday morning, you are welcome to join the S-K group bike ride. We leave from the physics building at 8:30 am. You can rent bikes from Berkeley Bike Station or MSC Customs. You might also be able to borrow one of ours!


Please register for the meeting if you are planning to attend. There is no registration fee. We strongly encourage you to bring a poster for the Tuesday afternoon poster session, even if you are also speaking at the meeting.

Housing and travel

Those coming to Berkeley to attend the meeting are asked to make their own travel and housing arrangements. Some helpful information is provided below.

Restaurant guide

We will be providing light refreshments during the morning coffee breaks and the Tuesday poster session. Other than that, you're on your own for meals.

If you're looking for a quick breakfast before the meeting, don't want to stray far for lunch, or need a shot of espresso to appreciate all the great science presented at the meeting, you can walk across the hall to Yali's cafe, in Stanley Hall.

If you're looking for a restaurant near campus, you might consult the following guide:

Related Meetings

Please consider extending your trip to attend these related meetings:

January 8-10, Berkeley Mini Stat Mech Meeting

January 11, Collaboration Meeting of the California Institute for Quantum Emulation (CaIQuE)

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