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Applying As An Undergraduate

Undergraduate research

Our laboratory offers numerous research opportunities for talented and motivated undergraduate students. A student might be assigned to experimental projects that assist in our research, such as building and stabilizing diode lasers, constructing and characterizing specialized optical systems, designing, building and testing low-noise electronics, analyzing data taken on our experiments, and so on. More advanced students may investigate new directions of research, both theoretically and experimentally. Students will find themselves working closely with graduate students and postdoctoral researchers in the laboratory, and participating in group functions such as lab presentations and our group's journal club.

A good preparation for working in our laboratory includes taking advanced coursework in Physics (e.g. optics, quantum mechanics, atomic physics, solid-state physics), taking one or both of the Physics 111 laboratory courses, experience doing research in another laboratory, and compiling a record that shows the student to be responsible, hard working, focused, self-guided, and creative. We do not expect a student to have already done exactly what we do in the laboratory -- you will learn as you advance in our group's research. But we do look for evidence that you will learn and become productive quickly.

Students working with us during the academic terms should expect to commit at least 10 hours a week to research work. Successful students can also work with us during breaks, during which time they can participate more intensely in research.

Interested students should apply for a research position at the following times (similar to the URAP application schedule). Receiving all applications during this period makes it easier for us to assess and compare applicants.

  • Fall semester: Apply between one week before and one week after the start of classes.
  • Spring semester: Apply between one week before and one week after the start of classes.
  • Summer: Apply between the beginning of Spring Break and one week after the end of Spring Break.

Your application should be sent by email to Prof. Stamper-Kurn, and should include the following:

  • A one-page statement of interest statement that addresses why you are interested in the research, why you are qualified, what skills you bring to our group, what classes you have taken that relate to our work, and what other experiences of yours qualify you for research.
  • A CV
  • A transcript of grades (unofficial is ok)
  • A list of at least one reference who is familiar with you and your capacity for conducting research.
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