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Sabrina Leslie

Sabrina Leslie

Former member of the Spinor Condensate Team Email: sabrinaleslie at gmail dot com

Sabrina graduated from the University of British Columbia in the Combined Honours Physics and Mathematics program in 2002. She joined the E1 spinor condensate team in 2003 and graduated with her Physics Ph.D. in 2008. Working with the E1 team, she employed spinor Bose Einstein condensates as nearly quantum-limited sensors and as a platform for new studies of the quantum dynamics of magnetic superfluids. In keeping with her strong optics interest, she went on to perform her post-doctoral research (2009-2011) in the biophysics group lead by Adam Cohen at Harvard University (Departments of Chemical and Chemical Biology, and Physics). On January 1 2012, Sabrina became an Assistant Professor at McGill University where she is building her own biophysics lab in Rutherford Physics. Check it out!

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