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Lab News

5/15 Lars Commins Memorial Award in Experimental Physics for 2014-15 given to Sydney Schreppler

5/15 Also, Student Service Award for 2014-15 given to Sydney Schreppler

5/15 Severin Daiss, visiting student from Heidelberg, completes Masters' thesis on atom optics in triangular and kagome lattices, complete with most recent experimental data!

3/15 Justin Gerber offered graduate research fellowships from both the NSF and NSDEG. Hard to choose just one.

8/14 Dr. Ed Marti (finally) graduates. The group observes a moment of silence.

8/14 We were pleased to have Holger Kadau visit us from Tilman Pfau's group for a few months, helping out on our studies of magnon cooling and condensation. Sad to see him leave.

12/13 In spite of our best efforts to keep him in sunny CA, Vincent Klinkhamer returns to Heidelberg. We greatly enjoyed his company.

11/13 Dr. Kater Murch heads of to St. Louis to join the faculty of Washington University. See here.

06/13 Dr. Jennie Guzman is now Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at Cal State East Bay.

06/13 Dr. Thierry Botter begins his post-doctoral fellowship at Cal Tech's Jet Propulsion Lab. See his JPL profile

1/11 Dr. Sabrina Leslie is now Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at McGill University, focusing on biophysics. See her faculty page.

7/10 Dr. Thomas P. Purdy's Thesis

9/09 Dr. Kater Murch transitions to a postdoc position with Irfan Siddiqi's group at Berkeley.

3/09 Dr. Sabrina Leslie joins Adam Cohen's biophysics group at Harvard University as a Mary Fieser Postdoctoral Fellow.

1/09 Postdoc Dr. Mukund Vengalattore leaves to join the faculty of Cornell University. Here's his research group website

12/08 Dr. Sabrina Leslie's Thesis

5/08 Dr. Kater Murch's Thesis

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