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Popular coverage of our work

Quantum back-action limited coupling of mechanical oscillators

News TU Kaiserslautern

Creating the lowest entropy ("quietest") gas

Berkeley News Release

Nature Physics: News and Views

Force measurement near the standard quantum limit

Berkeley Lab News Release

Wired UK News: Smallest ever force measured by lasers and ultracold atoms

Science World Report: Smallest force ever measured detected with the help of ultracold atoms

Optics & Photonics News: Optical probing of the smallest possible force

Physics Central Podcast: 42 Yoctonewtons: The Smallest Recorded Force

Motion generates nonclassical light

Berkeley Lab News Release

Star Wars mighty technology much closer!

Optically measuring quantized collective atomic motion

Optical trap catches atoms swinging in time to theory

Amplification of spin noise in a spinor Bose-Einstein condensate

Results highlighted as PRA Kaleidoscope image from both experimental and theory papers.

Crystalline magnetic order in a Rb spinor Bose gas

Scientific American 60-Second Science Blog: Signs of a supersolid at the March APS meeting

ScienceNow: Is It a Gas, Fluid, Solid, or All of the Above?

żEs un gas, un sólido, un fluido, o todo a la vez?

Science News: Evidence mounts for an exotic supersolid

Quantum cavity optomechanics with ultracold atoms

Nature News & Views by Marquardt: Push toward the quantum limit

Nonlinear optics due to collective atomic motion

Nature photonics highlights: Moving in time

Spinor-BEC magnetometry The Medical Tricorder Takes Two Steps Away From Sci Fi

Nature research highlights: Best served chilled

UC Berkeley Press Release: Ultra-cold gas makes great magnetometer

Magnetic storage ring for ultracold atoms

AIP Physics News Update: BEC in a Circular Waveguide

Nature Physics research highlights: Running in circles

The Daily Californian: Physicists create cold storage ring

Times of India: Bose-Einstein Dream Comes Alive

UC Berkeley Press Release: Bose-Einstein condensate runs circles around magnetic trap

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