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Nicolas Spethmann

Nicolas Spethmann


Office: 340 Le Conte
Email: spethmann at berkeley dot edu

Lab: E3, E6
Lab room: B167 Birge
Lab phone: (510) 643-8152

Nicolas received his Diplom from Universitšt Oldenburg in 2007. For his PhD, he worked in Dieter Meschede's group at Universitšt Bonn as a fellow of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes and the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School for Physics and Astronomy. He graduated in 2012 with distinction. After a short PostDoc at Universitšt Kaiserslautern in Artur Widera's group, he joined the Stamper-Kurn group in 2012 to work on cavity QED and quantum cavity optomechanics with cold atoms (Feodor-Lynen fellowship of the Humboldt foundation in 2014). Since May 2014, he holds a Marie-Curie fellowship (homegoing institution: Universitšt Kaiserslautern).

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