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Jennie Guzman

Jennie Guzman

4th Year Grad Student

Office: 301A Le Conte
Phone: (510) 642-9577
Email: jsg at berkeley dot edu

Lab: Rb BEC Lab and Optical Lattices
Lab room: B171 Birge
Lab phone: (510) 643-0543

Born on an alien planet and, tragically, lacking a sense of simile or metaphor (Jennie has since had one transplanted), Jennie arrived on Earth in 1999 to "party like it is 1999." On her home planet, the accepted calendar began with year zero, so such a party indeed had the significance of taking place in the last year of the millenium. She still talks about that epic night with flowery lyricism, though her recent rhetorical transplant is painfully evident: "It was very fun. Like a a battered dove's wand rebounding from scattered orchestrations." Asked if she will ever return to her home planet, she replies, "will you ever return to your home planet?" Indeed.

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