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Justin Gerber

Justin Gerber

3rd Year Graduate Student

Office: 301B LeConte
Phone: (510) 642-7437
Email: gerberja at berkeley dot edu

Lab: cQED, Optical Lattice
Lab room: LL104 Campbell
Lab phone: (510) 664-4841

Justin joined the group in early 2014 and is working on constructing the new cavity and lattice experiment, E6. Quantum emulation has typically been performed in closed quantum systems where the effects of dissipation on the system cannot be studied. In E6 an optical lattice will be placed inside of an optical cavity whereby information about the state of the optical lattice can leak out of the cavity, thus simulating dissipation. In addition to allowing us to influence the state of the lattice, the cavity will also allow us to sense the state of the system in a non-destructive way.

Justin graduated from CU Boulder in 2013 where he worked on scattering scanning near field optical microscopy, a technique which can provide, among other things, sub-diffraction limited spectroscopic information about various interesting samples. Justin worked in particular with domain walls in single and bilayer graphene.

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