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5/15 Lars Commins Memorial Award in Experimental Physics for 2014-15 given to Sydney Schreppler

5/15 Also, Student Service Award for 2014-15 given to Sydney Schreppler

5/15 Severin Daiss, visiting student from Heidelberg, completes Masters' thesis on atom optics in triangular and kagome lattices, complete with most recent experimental data!

3/15 Justin Gerber offered graduate research fellowships from both the NSF and NDSEG. Hard to choose just one.

8/14 Dr. Ed Marti (finally) graduates. The group observes a moment of silence.

8/14 We were pleased to have Holger Kadau visit us from Tilman Pfau's group for a few months, helping out on our studies of magnon cooling and condensation. Sad to see him leave.

12/13 In spite of our best efforts to keep him in sunny CA, Vincent Klinkhamer returns to Heidelberg. We greatly enjoyed his company.

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Our research focuses on using ultracold atoms as a resource for studying aspects of condensed-matter and many-body physics, quantum and precision measurement, quantum optics and quantum atom optics. We have three experimental apparatuses which we identify numerically; currently E3, E4, and E5 are active. A new experiment, E6 is also being developed.

E3 employs atomic gases trapped within high-finesse optical resonators to study cavity opto-mechanics and cavity magneto-optics. E4 is studying magnetic excitations in spinor Bose gases and gearing up for experiments on Li-Rb atomic gas mixtures. Finally, E5 places Rb atoms, and soon also K atoms, in an optical kagome lattice to try to understand the physical properties that arise in material systems due to this interesting crystal structure.

We are always on the lookout for excellent students, postdocs, and visitors to join our efforts. Feel free to peruse this website and then to contact us for more information. If you are an undergraduate student interested in performing research with our group, please check here for instructions on how to apply. You may also read through several review papers

Website for January 2016 MURI Review Meeting

Recent Research Highlights

Quantum-limited coupling of mechanical oscillatorsThermometry and cooling of a BEC to 0.02 times the critical temperature
Cavity-mediated coupling of mechanical oscillators limited by quantum backactionCooling a Bose gas to 0.02 times the condensation temperature
Coherent Magnon Optics in a Ferromagnetic Spinor Bose-Einstein CondensateCollective excitation interferometry with a toroidal Bose-Einstein condensate
Coherent Magnon Optics in a Ferromagnetic Spinor Bose-Einstein CondensateCollective excitation interferometry with a toroidal Bose-Einstein condensate
Standard quantum limit of force sensitivityKagome superlattice
Standard quantum limit of force sensitivityA tunable optical kagome lattice
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