Stamper-Kurn Group
UC Berkeley Ultracold Atomic Physics Group

E1 - Rubidium BEC Lab
E2 - Cavity QED Lab
E3 - Atom Chip Lab
Group Members
AMO Seminar (PHYS 290F)


UC Berkeley Condensed Matter Seminar (290K)

Atom Optics and Magnetic Quantum Fluids
Dan Stamper-Kurn

Workshop on Control and Manipulation of Quantum Systems, Monte Verita, Switzerland, July 2005

Seeing spinor condensates
Dan Stamper-Kurn

Gordon Conference on Atomic Physics, Tilton, New Hampshire, June 2005

BECs in novel magnetic traps
Deep Gupta

Atom optics in a circular waveguide
Kevin Moore

APS DAMOP Meeting, Lincoln, NE, May 2005

Cavity QED on an Atom Chip (poster)
Tom Purdy

APS March Meeting, Los Angeles, March 2005

Real-time imaging of spinor dynamics in F=1 Rb-87 Bose-Einstein condensates
Sabrina Leslie

BEC in a novel magnetic trap for many-atom cavity QED
Kevin Moore

A ring trap for ultracold atoms
Deep Gupta

Workshop on Microcavities in Quantum Optics - Lake Tegernsee, Germany, Sept. 2004

Toward deterministic cavity QED with magnetically trapped atoms (poster)
Deep Gupta, Kevin Moore

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