Stamper-Kurn Group
UC Berkeley Ultracold Atomic Physics Group

E1 - Rubidium BEC Lab
E2 - Cavity QED Lab
E3 - Atom Chip Lab
Group Members
AMO Seminar (PHYS 290F)

Kevin Moore
6th Year Graduate Student

Office: 340 LeConte Hall
Phone: (510)666-2625

Cavity QED Lab
B167 Birge Hall
Lab Phone: (510)643-0543

E-mail: klmoore "AT" berkeley "DOT" edu

Bio: When Kevin isn't annoying the rest of his labmates with his obsessive control over the lab stereo system (God bless the iPod!), he tempers his time in the basement with triathlons and our beloved intramural softball team, The Psi Stars. Originally from Oregon, this former Peace Corps volunteer is always ready with a quote from "The Big Lebowski" or a string of expletives upon breaking something in the lab. "Well that's just, like, your opinion, man..." Originator of the late-night Kingpin run.

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